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by stacy gove


Shutters can be described as furniture for you windows.  A shutter is multi functional as it can be completely opened from the window frame, tilted in any direction, or closed providing optimal light control.  Shutters can be installed inside the window frame for a cohesive look with existing window trim, or outside the window frame adding a trimmed look to you windows.  Shutters are typically a one time window treatment purchase as they are designed and installed with a custom fit to stay with the home for years to come.


Solar shades (featured) are one of my favorite window treatments!  The light reversal system of the fabric will help keep the heat/cold at bay while maintaining those beautiful Northwest Arkansas views.  They are perfect for taking the glare off of the TV or computer screen while you work or relax.  Another enery efficient shade is the Cellular Shade.  Cellular Shades are available in a wide variety of color options and are a great fit for difficult windows such as hexagons, arches, and other specialty shapes.  Woven Wood Shades ar another favoirite look.  The natural properties of the wood and bamboo create a warm look with wonderful textures adding character to your home.  Last but not least, the always classic fabric shade.  I can custom tailor a fabric roman or roller shade custom suited to your space.  I offer a variety of styles and control options.


2" Blinds seem to be everywhere you look!  I provide a variety of color options in wood and faux wood blinds that are sure to match your furnishings, trim, and floors.  Blinds can create a clean look and give much needed privacy and light control.  Other blind options include fabric vercical, PVC vertical, PVC horizontal, 1" wood, metal, and aluminum.

Whether you are in the market for blinds shades, or shutters, I have got you covered!  I offer designer brands including Graber, Pinnacle, Exus, Meriak, Shutter Smart, and many more.  I am also proud to offer a line of 2" wood and faux wood products from Kings River that are fabricated right here in Northwest Arkansas!